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Jun 1- So how exactly is it that the sweet country girl won American Idol? She wasn't the perfect performer, but somehow she managed to win.  more »
by ~Whatever~ - read 244 times, 0 comments.

Jun 1- Bo Bice quickly became one of America's favorite Idols, yet he wasn't able to win. Why?  more »
by ~Whatever~ - read 39 times, 0 comments.

May 20- Well Tuesday night we lost another amazing singer-Vonzell Solomon. To me, it seemed like Vonzell had everything going for her, enthusiasm, spunk, the look, and the voice. But heres an article about her not so shocking elimination.  more »
by BritneyIsMyIdol - read 98 times, 1 comments.

May 20- Well Tuesday night we were graced with the presence of, Clive Davis. He is the man who will produce the winner's album. Heres an article all about him.  more »
by BritneyIsMyIdol - read 13 times, 0 comments.

May 19- Ahh..Baby V. She should be proud of herself. I was expecting her top 7th placement, but I was surprised. She is my american idol 4, and here's a quick interview with baby V!  more »
by Jeff - read 145 times, 4 comments.

May 15- Carrie's back home! Read up on Carrie's visit.  more »
by Jeff - read 116 times, 1 comments.

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The Top Six performs!
Aug 29- It's down to the wire! Only six people are left and we're almost halfway through the summer. How well did the Idols cope with classic rock songs? Find out!  more »
by Cheyenne - read 262 times, 12 comments.

Aug 19- Classic Rock-Top 6!  more »
by BritneyIsMyIdol - read 110 times, 4 comments.

Top 7 Results
Aug 15- Top 7 Results!  more »
by BritneyIsMyIdol - read 85 times, 5 comments.

Aug 14- Big Band-Standards!  more »
by BritneyIsMyIdol - read 116 times, 5 comments.

Top 7 : The Standards Recap
Aug 13- Week by week, new themes are thrown at the competitors, and most take it by storm. This week, it was The Standards, and if you were expecting a snooze fest, you didn?t find one.  more »
by dianadegarmo4eva - read 390 times, 22 comments.

The Top Seven performs!
Aug 13- As the weeks fly by we?re left with only seven performers! All of them would face a live band and they had to pick between the finest songs out of the big band era to ensure their own safety. How well did that go? Find out!  more »
by Cheyenne - read 188 times, 19 comments.

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2005/05/25 : HDTV (Xvid)
by Shadetee - read 1054 times, 15 comments.

2005/05/24 : HDTV (Xvid)
by Shadetee - read 712 times, 4 comments.

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